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Securing probate is key to unlocking assets in a close one's estate.

Being an Executor/Personal Representative and dealing with the affairs at a time of a close one's passing can be an emotional, protracted and an overwhelming responsibility. 

​Much of the probate process is focused on tax, understanding the rules, reliefs, allowances and exemptions available to accurately review and calculate the deceased's tax position.  

​Appropriately, with knowledge, experience and expertise in Probate and Personal tax, P&P Tax Advisors are perfectly suited to get you through the process, from start to finish leaving you to be there for your family and knowing that the Estate Administration is in good hands. 

Our friendly, trusted and compassionate team will: - 

  • Meet with the executors to understand the estate, the assets, liabilities, lifetime gifts and how the estate will be distributed. 

  • Make claims for inheritance tax savings reliefs, allowances and exemptions. 

  • Prepare and submit to HMRC the Inheritance Tax Return. 

  • Make an application to the Probate Registry to obtain Grant of Probate. 

  • Prepare accounts and submit tax returns to HMRC for the administration period. 

Once Probate has been granted, we can incorporate our inheritance tax planning service for the family, with a view to preserving the family's wealth for future generations. 

If you are an Executor/Personal Representative and would like to understand more on how our Probate & Estate Administration service can take care of the tax intricacies and your legal and financial responsibilities, please contact us.