When correctly set up, Trusts can be useful structures offering control and protection over valuable assets and providing potential tax savings for you and your family.

There is much to consider before setting up a Trust. Our experience and trust expertise enables us to provide advice tailored to your family. We will explore the following points with you so an informed decision can be made and a trust arrangement can be implemented.  

  • What assets could be settled into a Trust? 

  • How much value can you settle into a Trust? 

  • How will a Trust benefit you and your family? 

  • Who will benefit from the Trust? 

  • When will the Trust provide entitlement to the income and capital in the Trust? 

  • Who should I appoint as trustees? 

  • What taxes will be paid on creation, running and winding up the Trust?

  • Should I use a Trust? 


​P&P Tax Advisors can help answer these questions and help implement a trust which is designed to benefit your family. 


In addition to setting up Trusts, we can also take care of the day to day running of a trust. This includes looking after trustees’ tax obligations regarding registration, tax filing and payment, and advising on distributing income and capital to beneficiaries with the necessary reporting to HMRC.   


If you would like to understand how a Trust can preserve and protect wealth within your family, or would like our assistance running a Trust which you are already involved with, please contact us to discover more about our service.