You pay tax throughout your lifetime and on death but, with attentive and tailored planning, P&P Tax Advisors can help ensure you access the reliefs, allowances and exemptions available to minimise the tax payable. 


The most effective way to manage your IHT exposure is simply passing on your wealth during lifetime, but this is not always straightforward and can prompt further questions to consider: ​​

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P&P Tax Advisors have the expertise to review your current IHT position and prepare an effective IHT planning strategy to preserve your wealth for your family’s enjoyment. 


IHT planning often requires time, so act now! If you would like advice on improving your inheritance tax position, please get in touch to discover more about our service.  


Planning for your inheritance tax (IHT) exposure can ensure you preserve more of your estate leaving the maximum benefit for your family and achieving financial peace of mind.

  • ​How much wealth do I need to support myself, can I afford to give away surplus income and capital?

  • Can I continue to make use of the asset gifted? 

  • Should the gift be outright or put into trust? 

  • What other taxes will be payable on the gift?

  • Will tax reliefs be wasted if assets are gifted?